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2018 Fall Boutique Fashion Trends to Try This Year

Every year and every season calls for different elements in fashion. Pastels and soft floral prints are evocative of spring, while bright colors (for the most part) belong to summer. In past years, warm neutral colors have eclipsed the fall fashion trends, but not this year. Fall 2018 is about mixing prints, taking risks, and not apologizing for it. As you’ll see below, these fall 2018 boutique fashions weren’t created to blend into the crowd.

Mad For Plaid

If there is one print that is evokes images of of hot chocolatey mornings, and toasting marshmallow evenings, it’s Plaid. But before you go out and buy a lumberjack-esqe button up, try a buffalo check print tunic, to keep this print feminine.

Additionally, this timeless print can be seamlessly added to any outfit via a scarf or handbag. Bring this boutique fashion forward by mixing and matching your plaid by both color, design, and material.

Stand Alone Statement Coats

Nothing takes the fun out of dressing up quite like having to cover up your trendy boutique outfit with a schlumpy coat. This year find a coat that suits your style and still keeps you warm during those chilly evenings. From colorful and crazy to sporty or sophisticated, find a coat that suits your personal style the best and add some boots. Voila!

Busy Prints

This year everyone is loving loud busy prints that stand out in a crowd. The key to rocking this look is by adding a neutral piece to compliment the prints you’re wearing. Try thinking outside the box here. Pair stripes with polka dots, animal print with plaid,  floral with stripes-anything goes!

Lions,Tigers, and ...Cheetah Print

With the return of busy prints, animal prints are coming back full force, and who doesn’t love a little cheetah print here and there? If you consider your style to be more classic, try adding animal print to your wardrobe with a cheetah handbag or cheetah mules paired with a pair of wine colored moto jeggings.

Want to step up your boutique fashion? Venture out of your comfort zone with prints in Tiger or Giraffe.

We’re Seeing Red

If you’re starting to notice a trend with these 2018 fall boutique fashion trends, we are too. This fall we are leaving behind neutrals for show stopping prints and colors. Red is one of this season’s most used colors and for good reason. While many people shy away from wearing red, studies show it is the most powerful color a person can wear. Need a confidence boost? Wear red. Want to make an impression? Wear red. If you do one thing this fall, purchase something in red. You won’t regret it.

*For people who don’t wear red because their complexion is already on the rosy side, opt for a piece that isn’t near your face. For example: Red pants with a well tailored shirt or even just a red handbag are great options to still rock this fall trend.

Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash

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