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5 Easy Steps To Transition Into Your Summer Wardrobe

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Can you believe that it’s already Memorial weekend? Other then the longest month in the history of the world (January 2018), this year seems to be flying by! Kids are getting out of school, the sun is staying out later, and all anyone really wants to do is play. With these easy, breezy days upon us it’s time to change out our fall/winter wardrobe for our spring/summer wardrobe, like yesterday. But where to start? Find out how to transition from your colder weather clothes to your light and fun wardrobe for summer, with these 5 easy steps:

Turn On Some Music  

and get pumped up because transitioning wardrobes is going to take some time. So pull up your hair and get to work!

Pull It All Out

Take everything out of your closet, your drawers, and anywhere else you like to keep your clothes. Yes, it may look like a battle zone when you’re done pulling every piece of clothing out, but it will be worth it.

Start Sorting

Sit down in the middle of your pile and cry. Not really, but if you do start to feel overwhelmed, see step 1. Begin making piles of your clothes. Things you’re going to keep (these should fit you well-right now), items you’re going to donate and pieces of clothing that have no right being called clothing anymore, a.k.a the trash pile.

Wash & Put Away

The items that you have chosen to keep should get their own version of a “spring cleaning”. Washing all the clothes you have decided to keep for summer is a great way to feel like you’ve just scored a brand new wardrobe.

Go Shopping

because you deserve it.




Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

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