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Accessories to Amp Up Your Winter Wardrobe

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In a sea of beanies and scarves, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd with your winter wardrobe. Regardless of the season though, you should be able to show off your unique style. Style is one of the things that allows us to let a little (or a lot) of our personality show in our day to day lives. So whether you do most of your shopping at online women’s boutique stores or like to physically take the time to go to the store and choose your winter wardrobe essentials. The accessories on this list should be part of your list. From boots to bracelets and everything in between, we’ve found the accessories that will let you play everyday, especially this winter.


Now that it’s winter it’s time to break out the fun hats! Hats are an exceptional winter accessory piece that can be paired with basically all women’s boutique clothing fashions. Not only do hats make a stylish outerwear statement while you’re running errands or going to dinner with the girl, but they also are a smart accessory. Hat’s help to keep your hair from getting wet, fluffy, or frizzy from the precipitation increase during the winter a.k.a snow. Our favorite hats include:

Hair Accessories

Covering up a bad hair day since...well forever hair accessories are a girl's best friend. Hair accessories are coming back in fashion this year and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Whether you want to pull off a crazy patterned headband/scarf or a dainty pearl hair pin, these hair accessories don’t care if you haven’t washed your hair in a couple days.

  • Scrunchies - Yep, they’re back and better than ever.
  • Pearl Hair Pins - A classy take on the classic way to pin back those fly aways.
  • Knotted Headbands - Keeps the hair out of your face during the day, can be used while you wash your face and is incredibly chic. Yes. Please.


Most of the time when we think of accessories, most of our thoughts shoot straight towards jewelry. One of the easiest ways to showcase your personal style, jewelry is a super personal choice and you should always go with what fits your style. With that in mind, we’ve give a few options for necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings that ranges from dainty and subtle to busy and fun. Take a gander at our jewelry options that you can add to your boutique clothing outfits:

  • Necklaces - A sparkly pendant necklace or a statement necklace is a fab way to dress up a casual outfit. If you prefer a more subtle necklace, check these out.
  • Earrings - We love the latest statement earrings that have been coming out lately, especially from the Utah based women’s boutique shop RozieJune. She offers simple hoops, sparkly studs, and gorgeous statement earrings that you just have to have!
  • Bracelets - Whether you love a statement strap bracelet or are more of watch type-of-girl, sporting something around your wrist is always fun! Prefer something a little more timeless and classic, try a simple gold band like this one. Bonus you can stack simple bands with a statement watch to amp up your look.
  • Rings - Since you’ll usually have those gorgeous hands covered up with gloves if you’re braving the cold, stick to smaller stackable rings during the winter.


Sunglasses make an outfit some days, ok who are we kidding, most days. In winter, sunglasses are especially important to protect your eyes from both the sun and blinding white snow. Another wonderful thing about sunglasses as an accessory is that they available in all styles in virtually every price range. From retro aviators to to cat eye sunglasses you’ll look chic no matter what. Also, check shop by your face shape from Sunglass Hut.


Scarves of the winter accessory that you have to have! With so many patterns, colors, fabrics, shapes and sizes it can be hard to even know where to begin. And unless you want to end up with a closet full of scarves, try narrowing it down to 3-4 go-to scarves. Opt for styles like:


Even if you just have your nails freshly manicured, you still need to keep them warm this winter. There’s no reason that you have to choose plain jane gloves (unless that’s your style, of course). Your style should be apparent from top to bottom! Try on these gloves for size:


Ok, we admit, we may have saved the best for last- shoes! One of the most fun and creative ways to amp up your women’s boutique winter wardrobe is by pairing your outfits with boots and shoes that perfectly compliment each other. Whether you’re into booties, pumps, or over-the-knee boots, it’s time to toss your clumpy snow boots to the back of the closet- at least until you really need them.

  • Booties - Choose a bold print or a pair of booties with an open side for instant “cool girl chic”. Target and Kohl’s both have fab options or if you’re looking to splurge, check these puppies out
  • Pumps - You may be thinking “how am I supposed to rock pumps in the snow”, well that’s easy just bring them along for the ride when you switch out of your designated snow boots. To elongate the leg try these killer nude heels by Michael Kors or go Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer Red with these ruby heels.
  • Over-the-Knee Boots - Paired with a thick pair of leggings and a long cable knit sweater, over-the-knee boots are an exceptionally well way to amp up your women’s boutique outfit this winter.

We hope you enjoyed these winter accessory tips. Now go out have fun dressing up!


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