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An Intentional Family Fall Bucket List

Autumn family

It’s officially fall, y’all and were looking forward to enjoying this colorful season with our family and friends in ways that encourage creativity, fun, and togetherness. From art and recipes to visiting the pumpkin patch or getting lost in a corn maze. We’ve created a family fall bucket list, so that you can create memorable moments this season (posting on social media, is entirely optional).

Create A Thankful Tree

Nothing sets the tone for this harvest season then a craft that revolves around everything your thankful for and more than happy to display. The entire family and even friends can help with this on-going fall project. You can find materials and an easy guide on how to create this gratitude focused craft, here.

Backyard Bonfire & Stargazing

Chilly autumn nights call for fresh s’mores and marshmellowy hot chocolate around a toasty fire. Invite friends and family over for a bigger together or keep it small and intimate, with your just your closest relatives. To keep the night going with even more fun fall activities, consider cuddling under a blanket as the fire dies down to gaze at the stars. Download the Sky Guide App if you want to be able to find more than just Orion’s Belt and The Big Dipper.

Paint Pumpkins

Now that pumpkins are out for sale at local supermarkets and pumpkin patches, it can be hard to fight the urge to carve into one of those babies. However, if you start too early in the season, come Halloween,your pumpkin will be a droopy,  rotting shell of the pumpkin it once was. So get your pumpkin “carving” fix by painting your pumpkins instead. Need ideas on where to get started? Check out Pinterest, they have ways to decorate your pumpkin with different types of media, along with ideas that fit every budget and theme.

Pumpkin Patches & Corn Mazes

Is it really fall without taking your family to a pumpkin patch and/or a corn maze? Many pumpkin patches feature corn mazes right alongside each other, so you can check two things off your bucket list at once!

Roast Pumpkin Seeds

With pumpkin spice everything in the air, it’s no surprise that many bucket list items include this delightful autumn squash. This is a great follow up idea once you’ve carved your pumpkins (not included on this list because it’s a given) and set them on your front porch. Try making a few different batches to fit everyone’s taste buds from taco lime to pumpkin pie and everything in between.

Make Leaf Art

This bucket list item could really be rolled into three:

  • Fall drive to take in the changing flora and fauna.
  • Go for a nature walk and pick up fallen leaves of various shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • Make Leaf Art

Once you have returned home with your fall forest findings, it’s time to get crafty. Whether you’re simply using glue to apply the leaves to paper or creating a leaf crown for your little prince or princess, we know the whole family enjoy making these projects this fall.

Volunteer As A Family

While donating is big during this season, many people forget that their time and effort goes a long way in helping their community. It can be as simple as taking the afternoon to pick up litter with your family or as complex as setting up a food drive or volunteering at a soup kitchen. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that the whole family can participate in.

Not sure where to start? A simple Google search of “volunteer work near me” should give you a good idea of the programs in your community that could use a little help.

Try A Fall Recipe

Have a go at these delicious pumpkin recipes perfect for fall. Choose from 10 recipes,5 sweet, 5 savory, that are easy to prepare and mouthwateringly delectable.

Watch or Attend A Football Game

Who says you need to wait until Super Bowl to throw a football party? Not us! If you are unable to attend a local football game or a tailgate party, spend the day with family and friends cheering on your favorite team and enjoying great food. You can even add your own game of football to round out the day.

Make your own Halloween Costume

Pinterest is amazing for all the things DIY and this includes halloween costumes! Instead of choosing from the 10 costumes for kids at the store, spend an afternoon (or maybe a couple) choosing a concept for the whole family and then start creating your own DIY costumes! There are thousands of ideas online for Halloween DIY-ers from super simple to highly technical. Choose a costume that is within your skill set, but still challenges you to get a little creative.


Photo by Ryan Christodoulou on Unsplash

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