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Avoid Falling into a Workout Rut This Winter

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It’s the middle of January and for some of us that can mean our resolutions are slowly slipping away. This usually isn’t for lack of trying, but rather because we’ve fallen into old habits or a rut. One way to remedy this, especially if your New Year’s resolution falls into the realm of workout more, lose weight, get stronger, run a marathon(more power to you), etc, is to get out of your rut, more specifically your workout rut. For those of us living in the northern states, January and February can be some of the coldest and most depressing months, where many of us are wishing for those warmer spring days to arrive sooner rather than later. One thing that can help during this time is to change up your workout routine (or start one), so that your body can release those feel good hormones, endorphins which we could all use a little more of throughout the entire year!

The following information will provide you with the tools you need to get out of a workout rut and additional things you can do to make working out more fun! Whether it’s buying yourself a cute new workout outfit from your favorite women’s boutique or treating yourself to a dance class you’ve always wanted to try, we hope this guide helps you get out of the winter blues. Bonus: You may even feel and look better in your clothes when spring comes around!

How Do You Know You’re In A Workout Rut?

There are a couple signs that will let you know you’re in a workout rut, though they might not seem obvious to some of us at first. These include, but are not limited to:

  • You make an excuse to leave the gym or finish your workout, every time.
  • You aren’t seeing any progress.
  • You watch the clock during your workout, wishing time would go by faster.
  • You’ve stopped working out and fallen back into old habits.

Try Dating Different Types of Exercise

Just like you try on different outfits before a date, try dating different types of exercises before you find one that sticks. Many of us have experienced one or more of the above signs of a workout rut, also known as workout burn out. Here’s the thing that not many people tell us when it comes to working out, working out is supposed to be fun! That’s right, there’s no hard and fast rules that say you have to slave away on the treadmill even though you hate running in order to fit into that new dress you bought at your favorite women’s online dress boutique. You don’t have to do crunches to get a flat tummy if the thought of doing just one makes you want to curl into a ball and binge eat ice cream. So that’s our first step to getting out of our workout rut, well actually it’s two parts:

  • Exercising should make you happy, not just afterwards, but during. Note: Sometimes working out is hard at first, especially if your body isn’t used to higher intensity activities. If nothing sounds or feels enjoyable, just try out new things that you don’t absolutely hate at first.
  • Choose exercises that you enjoy doing and that are good for you body. From yoga, pilates, cardio, HIIT, weights, dancing, running, swimming, skiing, and more there are so many activities to choose from that you will actually love doing.

Additionally, trying new things, whether shopping at a women’s boutique we’ve never shopped at before, trying a new restaurant or a workout regimen can help get us out of comfort zone, which can seem scary at first, but is totally worth it! You may find out you love boxing or maybe the local Crossfit gym is you jam. What’s great is that there are many gyms and even at home workouts that offer a multitude of different types of workouts that will help get you the results you’re looking for.

If you really want to stick to a workout routine, it doesn’t make sense to continue to do something you don’t enjoy, so get out there and start searching!

Get a Workout Buddy/Buddies

Another way to get out of your workout rut is by enlisting a friend to join you! Not only will this help to make the workout more fun, but your friend can also be your accountability partner. Many people find it easier to stick to a routine if someone else is doing it with them because they simply don’t want to let the other person down. In addition to more fun and more accountability, a friend can make you feel more comfortable when you’re trying out new classes. After your workout, you can cool down with a healthy lunch or buy a cute new pair of women’s boutique leggings as a reward!

Find Your Why

It can be easy to talk ourselves out of working out, especially if we’ve forgotten our purpose for working out. While many of us can latch onto the idea of working out to look good, this “why” doesn’t always keep us motivated. What you need to do is really connect with a deeper purpose for working out, one that “moves” you both figuratively and literally. Some motivating goals can be to get stronger, to be healthy enough to run around with your children without getting winded, to be more mindful of how your treating your body, to complete your first marathon or 5k, whatever it is figure it out and get excited. Alongside your “why” it’s a good idea to have an action plan for the days you just don’t feel like it, which will happen. You can do this by:

  • Creating a playlist that always gets you pumped up.
  • Designing a vision board with your goals and motivational or inspirational quotes.
  • Working out for just five minutes. Usually starting is the hardest part, so if you just promise yourself five minutes, it won’t seem so daunting as a full fledged workout, which you’ll probably end up doing. Might as well finish right?
  • Text your accountability buddy for some motivation.

Treat Yo’ Self

But not really with treats. Even though indulging on all the “bad food” might seem like a good reward for working out five times this week, it can actually sabotage your mindset and make you feel like you need to punish yourself by working out, which isn’t really healthy either. Instead of muddying the terms of your eating habits with a reward/punish system, opt for rewards that last longer and help you to feel better. This can include any or all of the following:

  • Take a luxurious hot bath/or spa day.
  • Get a massage.
  • Take a “mental health” day off of work.
  • Go on a walk without your phone and notice your surroundings.
  • Go boutique shopping and checkout your favorite women’s boutique shops.
  • Go to a yoga class, dance class, or any other fun activity you’ve never tried.
  • Read a good book.
  • Buy new workout gear.
  • Go see a movie with your partner, friends or solo.
  • Buy a new lotion, perfume or face mask.

Obviously this list could go on forever. Just find something that feels rewarding and is beneficial to your mental and/or physical health. You can find more ideas and inspiration, here.



Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash



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