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Fall Hats You'll Go Mad For

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Autumn is the time to layer your look with scarves, cardigans, and...hats! 2018 is seeing a interesting revival in fall hats that go beyond your #basic beanie or floppy wool hat-we still love these classic fall hats though! This year it’s all about wide brimmed fedoras, Newsboy and Fisherman Caps, and even berets- très magnifique! We’re giving you the lowdown on each style and different budget options for each hat.


Wide Brimmed Fedoras

Looking for a low-key boho chic accessory to wear this fall? We’ve got just what the doctor ordered- a wide brimmed fedora. Also called a Panama or Rancher hat, these fall hats give off a serious Stevie Nicks vibe, without feeling like you’re in a 90’s ska band. Yes. Please.  

Splurge on the Anna Felt Panama Hat by Urban Outfitters or save with Target’s take on the Women’s Panama Hat by Universal Thread


Newsboy & Fisherman Caps

Fisherman hats are coming back with a vengeance this fall and we couldn’t be happier. You can literally wear ANYTHING with a fisherman or a newsboy cap! Newboy and Fisherman’s caps are a great way to add another layer to your ensemble that is both charming and youthful. Did we mention you can wear this with anything? If you do one thing this fall, add a Fisherman cap to your autumn wardrobe.

Splurge on this mustard colored Ashland Cap by Brixton.

Save on H&M’s Sailor Cap


Sophisticated. Classic. A little haughty. Berets are the cool girl hat of Fall 2018 and we all want to sit at her table. Similar to the rest of the headwear on this list, Berets can be worn with just about anything. However, one thing must always be worn with a Beret. Confidence.

Splurge on the Du Jour Beret by Free People

Save on Gap’s Wool Beret.



Obviously these had to be on the list.

From slouchy beanies to Messy Bun beanies, these cozy hats are like a pumpkin spiced latte for your head.

Bonus: Beanies hide bed head like nobody’s business.


Honorable Mentions

These hats didn’t quite make our final list, but we still think they deserve a little “air” time.

Baseball Hats

Floppy Felt Hats

Bucket Hats


Photo by Ian Keefe on Unsplash

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