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Get Your Closet Ready for Fall

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August seems to have flown by this year! Chillier mornings and evenings mean trading our Bermuda shorts and flip flops for chunky cardigans and cozy scarves-we couldn’t be more thrilled! But before you go and add all of you fall/winter clothes back into the mix or go fall binge shopping, there is some basic prep work required to keep your wardrobe organized. Here are just a few ideas to make the transition from summer to fall a little easier on you (and your wallet).

Assess Your Current Summer Wardrobe

In preparation for your fall wardrobe, you need to first remove those warmer weather clothes that just. Need. To. Go. Take stock of your spring and summer clothes and ask yourself the following questions before you return them back to the closet or store them to be worn for next year:

  • Did you wear this at all this season? If you answer no, give it away.
  • Are there any stains, holes, or tears in the item? If you love the article, can the stain or tears be mended? If yes, keep the item. If no, get rid of it.
  • Would this work for my fall wardrobe? If this particular item can easily be worked in with a fall wardrobe, keep it in your closet-don’t store it.

Once you have finished this process, make sure to properly store the clothes you are keeping and that won’t be worn during the colder months.

Take Stock of Your Fall Clothing

Now it’s time to consider what fall and winter clothing items you currently have. Ask yourself the same questions as you did for your summer wardrobe and, this is key, make sure to try each item on. If it doesn’t fit anymore, consider donating it. You want to feel good in the clothes you have, not pressured to fit into them.


If you don’t store your spring and summer clothing during the colder months, consider putting these items in the back of your closet so you won’t be overwhelmed when trying to get ready in the morning. A simple way to keep your closet efficient and organized is to :

  • Organize by item. Keep your t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, blouses and so on separated.
  • Organize by color. Once you have separated your items, organize each section by color for easy grab and go, when you’re running late.

What Do You Need?

Ok, now that you have taken inventory of what you own, you have a baseline understanding of what you need for your fall wardrobe. Now if you want any money left over for a pumpkin spiced latte, it's more beneficial to make a wants and needs list. Needs are your must haves. For example: If you don’t have any cold weather shoes, you need to invest in a smart pair of boots. Or if you only own t-shirts, a couple of fun cardigans can spice up your wardrobe without going over budget.

The goal here is to get about 10 (give or take) fall worthy outfits that you feel great in. Checkout pinterest or your favorite blogger for fashion ideas like, how to wear a denim jacket 12 different ways.  Using these resources for inspiration can make it feel like you just 10X your fall wardrobe, without taking up any additional space!

Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

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