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How To Create The Ultimate Family Summer Bucket List

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Even though we are nearing the end of summer vacation, there is still time to create and check off a bucket list with your family. Every family is different, from what they like to do for fun and the age range of their children, which allows for a completely unique bucket list for every home. Bucket lists are a great idea for those last few weeks of summer, when you’ve run out of ideas and you’re counting down the days until school starts again. Below, you’ll find tips, suggestions, and questions you can ask in order to create the perfect summer bucket list for your family.

Creating Your Family’s Bucket List

Have you ever created a bucket list with your family before? If not you may want to ask yourself these helpful questions, that can assist in creating a unique and fun bucket list for your family:

  • What are our favorite things to do?
  • What are our least favorite things to do?
  • What leaves us feeling refreshed and recharged?
  • Is there a skill or subject we want to learn more about?

Once you have a basic idea of what you do and don’t want to do, figure out ways that you can maximize the fun and minimize the mundane. This may mean changing your routine for a week or even a couple, so your not spending all day cleaning the house or doing laundry or whatever other tasks fall into the “least favorite things” bin.

What happens if your list is too long? If your bucket list overwhelms you just by looking at it, narrow it down to your top ten priorities.

Staying Focused

While letting Netflix raise your child may be easier then planning out activities for the entire summer, memories aren’t made in front of the screen. To keep your family focused on the bucket list you’ve created, keep it somewhere where it’s visible for all family members. Keeping it on the fridge is a great reminder to everyone that you wanted to visit the museum this summer instead of spend it in front of the t.v.

Another fun idea for the family who loves games or enjoys being competitive is to use the adventure points system along with your bucket list.

Family Summer Bucket List Ideas

The following ideas are great for families that love to have fun and want to save money:

  • Go fishing. Make it educational by teaching your children how to clean fish and what the parts of the fish are called.
  • Finger paint outside.
  • Go to a baseball game.
  • Build a fort (inside and outside).
  • Have a hula hoop contest.
  • Have a spa night and make a DIY face mask.
  • Make Root Beer Floats.
  • Make a fun summer craft
  • Go to the Farmer’s Market.
  • Put on a fun fashion show.
  • Go Bowling.
  • Run through the sprinklers.
  • Have a family game night.
  • Have a water balloon fight.

Remember to create a family bucket list that is realistic and creative for you and your family.

Have fun with this and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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