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How To Upgrade Your Spring Wardrobe

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Longer days and warmer temperatures have us longing to pull out our spring wardrobe. We miss wearing items like our beloved floral swing dress and it even has us wanting to break out the jean shorts. However, since it’s been a hot minute since we’ve been able to wear these lighter, more colorful wardrobe pieces, we may need to do some revamping.

Updating your spring wardrobe doesn’t mean you need to break the bank to look chic. We’ll show you how to take what you already have and add a few key pieces in order to upgrade your entire spring look. For more spring inspiration, be sure to check out Simply Fate Clothing’s New Arrivals section, where you’ll always find the latest fashion-forward and modest women’s boutique clothing at affordable prices!

Size-Up What You Already Have

If you keep your seasonal wardrobe in boxes, pull out your spring wardrobe and “assess the situation”. This means more than just throwing what you have into their designated piles. To properly gauge what you have, if it’s in good condition and if it fits, you’ll have to do a little more work. Follow these steps:

  • Try everything on. You’re looking for a few things here, 1) if it fits, 2) does it flatter your figure, 3) is it still your style, and 3) are there any holes or stains beyond repair? If the piece of modest clothing passes all four tests, keep it. If not either donate the item or toss it (if it’s in bad enough condition).
  • Now that you have your “keeper” pile, separate them into the appropriate piles (dresses, shorts, shirts, etc). And see what you have. You should have a few basics or foundation pieces at least to build from. These can be different for everyone based off of their style. Pinterest always has good “capsule wardrobes” that you can pull inspiration from or this checklist from Real Simple, gives a good overview of essential clothing pieces for every season.

Choose a Style from a Theme or a Person That Inspires You

If you’re drawing blanks this season on what your particular style is going to be, use this tip from Verily and get inspired by a certain theme or a person to complete your modest clothing spring wardrobe. This process does require some research, but we promise it’s fun!

  • Find what you're drawn to. If you have a Pinterest board for fashion, there’s probably a hidden (or not so hidden) theme to the outfits you’ve chosen. Maybe you like the effortless style that Parisians exude, or you could love floral swing dresses for every occasion, maybe you want to wear only pastels all spring long or maybe there is a certain celebrity or influencer whose style you wish to emulate. Just a quick note: If you choose to style your wardrobe according to a certain person, it helps if they have a similar body type as you.
  • Look for a common theme. If you have images chock full of women rocking workout capris or every other image has a person wearing a Breton striped shirt, we’ll bet you’ll be able to find other modest clothing pieces that are along the same lines of that particular style.

Add 2-3 New Pieces to What You Already Have

While we’re all hoping that someone is going to say we’ve won a $5,000 shopping spree to the women’s clothing boutique of our choice, the truth is, for many of us that won’t be happening. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fun wardrobe this summer though! Shop at stores where you know the clothing is affordable, or pay attention to sales. You can even find hidden gems at your local vintage thrift shop.

Now the next step in your Spring Upgrade journey is to choose a couple of items from your inspiration boards and hunt them down. Choose items that would be considered a key piece such as a denim jacket or trench coat, a floral dress, a neutral spring handbag, rain boots, etc. Basically, items that are versatile and can be styled in many different ways.

Update Your Accessories

Probably one of the cheapest ways to update your style is by changing up your accessories. Many modest women’s boutiques offer cute accessories that go with every style. Even just getting a different pair of sunglasses or adding a chunky pendant necklace can change the entire mood of your outfit. Since it’s spring, go for something a little bolder or more colorful than you’re used to wearing.

Mix & Match What You Already Have

It can be hard to think of pairing your favorite modest jean shorts with anything other than your sandals and a loose t-shirt, but what if there were other ways to style your shorts? This spring upgrade tip is a little harder to grasp since we’re all creatures of habit. Also, it takes using our imagination a little, thinking outside the box, and sometimes even pushing the boundaries of what we're comfortable with in our style. And as this article so aptly puts it, “it’s easier to get dressed in the morning when you have a go-to outfit.” Try it out for a week, mixing and matching to see what outfit combos you come up with the stuff you already own! You may find you don’t like anything or you may fall in love with items you own all over again.

To find more spring upgrades for your wardrobe, visit our modest clothing website at Simply Fate Clothing. Even if you buy more than two or three new pieces for Spring, you’ll still have some left over cash for accessories.



Featured Photo by Amanda Vick on Unsplash

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