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Make Your Life Easier With These 8 Beach Essentials

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Memorial weekend brings about the unofficial start of summer. Kids are out of school and everyone wants to hit the beach, plus you need a good excuse to get these “nuts” out of the house before you go stir crazy. However, packing for a day at the beach or a weekend getaway with the family can almost seem more stressful than what it’s worth. We end up packing too much, but somehow never pack the right things to make everyone happy. We’ve created a short list of eight essential items that will actually make your life at the beach easier, instead of schlepping through the sand with what feels like everything you own.

The Beach Tote - Depending on what your beach needs are will determine the best type of tote to hold all your beach essentials. If you just need to pack a book, a beverage, and a towel for yourself, consider the classic L.L Bean Boat & Tote (order it in extra large for even more space). If you are packing for your entire family, give the Saltwater Canvas Mesh Whale Bag a go. This bag can fit up to six beach towels, snacks, sunscreen and even beach toys. Bonus, it has nine different pockets for keys, phones, headphones, etc.

Family Pop-Up Tent - If you’re planning on spending your whole day at the beach or lake, bringing a pop-up-tent for shade is an absolute must. Our favorites include the Cove Sun Shelter Tent from Target and this super cute navy and white striped family tent from Pottery Barn Kids.

Beach Cooler - Spending the whole day at the beach? Need to feed hungry tummies? Check out these coolers (with reviews) that will make keeping your food and drinks cold a breeze.

Waterproof & Sand Proof Portable Speaker - Play whatever music you want with a durable speaker that was created for the wet and sandy environment of the beach.

Beach Blanket - Nothing is worse than having your dry towel get wet and clumpy with sand. Instead of using your beach towels as blankets, bring a large beach blanket that lets you stake your claim on the sand. This beach blanket comes with built in sand anchors and a pocket for valuables.

Big Sunglasses - Not only will sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun, but no one will know if you are sleeping behind your shades. Opt for a none expensive pair, so you can take them in the water with you without worrying about losing a designer pair of sunglasses. Stores like T.J Maxx, Target, and  Kohls carry fun, inexpensive sunglasses for everyone.

Maxi Dress - Maxi dresses can be used as a coverup at the beach or they are a great way to easily transition from beach wear to day wear if you happen to be going out with your family to dinner after a day at the beach. Pair it with a large brimmed, straw sun hat for a super easy, super chic summer style.

Kids Beach Bags - Don’t want to lug around everyone’s toys and towels? Give your kids a cute tote all their own to carry their beach treasures and toys, so you don’t have to. This adorable Melissa & Doug bag will make the kids feel like this is a lot less of a chore, too.

We hope this list helps make your time at the beach a lot more fun and whole lot less stressful. Just please remember to pack the sunscreen!

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