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Finding the right clothes is all about highlighting the features you want to show off.  For any woman, any size, any body style, choosing clothing items with the right color, cut, and fit will accentuate your body in the best ways!

For plus-size women, you need to choose the features of your body you want to feature, and the parts you’d like to minimize the appearance of.  At Simply Fate Clothing, we will help you flatter your body, no matter the size!

Lets talk about undergarments. Nobody wants to see them, so its very important for women with curves to choose the correct fit!   Don’t skimp, choose a high quality, supportive bra that will keep your girls right where they belong, and no where else! If you have “overflow” out the top or sides, your bra is most likely too small. Go up a cup size and it will smooth you out and flatter your curves! Don’t ever be afraid to go up a size. No one sees the tag but you, girl! One size larger in an undergarment can do a world of difference, it will smooth out any imperfections!


Before we get into the details of what clothing to wear, we need to discuss FABRIC!  Choosing a fabric can do so much good, even more so than the cut of a clothing item. The color doesn’t necessarily matter too much, just pick something that compliments your complexion. If you choose a fabric that is flimsy though, it will highlight any of those bumps we are trying to minimize!  Instead, find fabric with substance, structure and a little bit of stretch.  Not only will it provide support, but the thicker material will make sure no one else is seeing whatever you’re wearing underneath that cute dress on a bright summer day!  



Now, onto the fit of clothing.  Choosing the correct size will flatter you immensely. If you are buying clothing that is too big, it can actually make you appear larger that you really are, and sometimes seems sloppy. Clothing that is too small will leave you tugging on your clothes all day and make you look very uncomfortable. Choose a size that you are comfortable in that accentuates your beautiful body!  If you need help, send us a quick email & we at Simply Fate Clothing would be more than willing to help you get your perfect fit!



If you're dying to try out the new trends, by all means go for it!  Just try to stick with items that will work with your body, and adapt them into todays trends.  Go for a crop top that is longer cut and pair it with high-waisted pencil skirt --it will really accentuate your natural waist line! 

Button down shirts and shirts that have a curved princess seems in the sides will really distinguish your waistline and compliment your curves. Create the illusion of extra length in your midsection by layering shirts under a blazer or cardigan.

Ruffles and Stripes add lot of detail, but can sometimes draw unwanted focus, but if you wear them right, those details can really work for you!  Simply Fate Clothing can show you how to wear them right! Ruching is great because it creates support without adding volume. Stripes that are asymmetrical or thin can really create a slimming effect. If you can find a dark base color with a lighter stripe, even better! Ruffles that are placed vertically on one side of shirt or dress also create the amazing appearance of extra length. 

Now check out our website at SimplyFateClothing.com for your perfect outfit, no matter what size you are! 



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