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Redesigning Your Day-to-Day Wardrobe

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With spring cleaning in season and the recent overwhelming influence of Marie Kondo’s “spark joy” movement, many of us have cleared out our closets of the items we no longer wish to own. However, this purge may have caused us to feel like we have to start all over again with building a wardrobe that we love.

While creating a capsule wardrobe may seem limited to some, on the opposite side of the spectrum getting dressed without any guidelines to follow can seem like a daunting prospect, especially when you’re trying to figure out what to wear in the morning. Simply Fate Clothing, an online women's boutique has compiled a list of essentials to start rebuilding your wardrobe and “loose guidelines” that will help you to get dressed without feeling overwhelmed or bored with your outfits.

We’ll explain where to start on this essential women’s clothing journey and offer some suggestions and tips along the way.


Getting Started

Before you go out and buy something from your local woman’s clothing boutique or shop at a women’s online clothing store it’s important to lay some groundwork. Namely, finding out what your style is and how to dress for your shape. These are the first two components that create the foundation for designing a day-to-day wardrobe that works for you.

Finding Your Style

For some people establishing a style that’s all their own takes years to cultivate, but “ain’t nobody got time for that!” The next time you have a couple of free hours of even 15 minutes spend some time on Pinterest and find all the style or celebrities styles that you love and start to notice if there are any patterns. Maybe you’ve noticed that half of your pictures have a woman wearing a Breton striped shirt or maybe you are really into the simplicity of capsule wardrobes. Whatever you find, go with it. This isn’t a life sentence so don’t be worried that your style will change, chances are it might and that’s totally ok. Just choose what you like right now and find a few key pieces you can work into your current wardrobe.

Dressing for Your Shape

When you are shopping for items from a women’s boutique store it’s essential that you know what your shape is and what pieces of clothing flatter your curves the most. This is especially helpful when shopping at an online boutique. Once you know how to dress for your shape you’ll be able to find clothes that fit and flatter you all year long. Find out how to dress for your shape, here.


Rebuilding Your Wardrobe

If you’re starting from scratch (or what feels like the bare-minimum) there are a handful of items that you can get from women’s boutique stores in order to get you started. The following list was inspired by lifestyle blogger and podcaster Allie Casazza, you can listen to her podcast, The Purpose Show, here.


The Right Bra - A well-fitting bra makes all the difference when it comes to how you look and feel in your clothes. Purchase 2-3 bras that make you feel confident and a couple of sports bras for when you’re working out or lounging around the house.


Bottoms- If you love to wear jeans make sure you have at least three different styles and washes of jeans that are appropriate for your body shape. This may include medium to dark washed skinny jeans, light boyfriend jeans, and even some trendy high-waisted pants from a women’s clothing boutique. In addition to jeans, invest in a couple of pairs of good quality leggings that can be dressed up or down as needed.  


Tops - Depending on your personal style and lifestyle you may want more basic t-shirts than blouses and vice versa. To begin rebuilding a basic day-to-day wardrobe have three basic t-shirts (v-neck or scoop neck) in white, black, and gray and a few blouses that versatile enough for date night, brunch and work. Additionally, if you love graphic t-shirts invest in a few that have your favorite saying or if you love music showcase it with a band tee.


We hope you can use this list as a guide when shopping at your favorite online women’s boutique clothing stores in order to help you rebuild your day-to-day wardrobe.



Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash

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