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Belts began being worn by men around the 1920s to help keep their trousers up. Much like the word trousers, belts that are just for functional needs have been left in the past. These days belts are not just for keeping loose pants up. They are one of the most fashionable and functional fashion accessories for women of all shapes and sizes. While belts for women can be used to keep their pants up, they offer so much more than that. Used as a centerpiece for an outfit or to enhance the silhouette, belts are one of fashion’s greatest accessories. That’s why Simply Fate is thrilled to be able to offer chic and affordable belts to all of our loyal customers. Whether you need to dress an outfit up or down, our belts can do all the work for you.

Belts are also a great way to add a little fair to any boring outfit. Take your outfit from drab to fab when you choose any of our trendy belts to add to your ensemble. Belts are so versatile, they can be added to almost any outfit. One of the maxi dresses from our collection would look chic with a belt added to it. A loose top quickly becomes a silhouette enhancing blouse, when you add a statement belt.

The right belt added to pants or jeans can create a contemporary casual, yet functional look for the modern modest woman. We have belts to fit any style, from delicate skinny belts to bohemian style statement belts Our belts were created to go with every season and style.

Simply Fate’s mission is to bring our customer (you) the most stylish and trendy, modest women’s clothing and accessories at prices you’ll feel good about. Our number one goal is to keep you looking great, while making sure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchases. If you are ever not completely satisfied with your purchase, contact us so we can make it right. We are always more than happy to help answer any and all of your questions. The prices you’ll find for our women’s tops, bottoms, accessories and more can’t be beat by your local department store, that’s why we only charge a three dollar shipping and handling fee. We don’t think you should have to pay extra to have cute clothes and cute accessories delivered to your door.

Time and time again, our customers tell us how much they love wearing our trendy clothing and can’t believe the prices they get for our high quality products, we hope you’ll agree. If you’re looking to add some fun pieces to your wardrobe or are looking for the perfect top to complete a look, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to check our our accessories to create the perfect ensemble. And remember, our inventory is always changing to stay a step ahead of the fashion curve, so be sure to check back often.